Battle of Kursk

Battle of Kursk Facts

The battle involved over 4 million people from both sides, in addition to 70,000 artillery guns, 23,000 tanks and 12,000 warplanes.

It lasted 50 days and nights and ended on 23 August with a conclusive victory of the Soviet army.

Some 200,000 residents of Kursk died in the battle. Their names have been inscribed in the Book of Memory.

There are around 400 wartime monuments in the region of Kursk.

Coordinates of the battle: 51°30'04"N, 51°30'03"N, 36°03'05"E

Battle of Kursk

It is estimated that by the end of the battle around 350 German tanks were destroyed. On the other hand around 600 – 800 Soviet tanks were destroyed, but there is no reliable data about it.

The Battle of Kursk represented the last German offensive on the Eastern front.

The biggest tank battle in history took place in July 12 in Prkhorovkha, where it is estimated that 1,500 tanks participated.

The Soviets knew about the German plans before, and the fact that the Germans delayed their attack helped the Soviets get more organized until the beginning of the battle in July.

Battle of Kursk: Eastern Front 1943